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Hi, Welcome and thanks for finding my site.


I’m a San Diego native and knew I had abilities for years. I've been working heavily as a Medium / Intuitive for 3 years now, as well as the "Sensitive" for a group named "Association of Paranormal Study". I’ve been working with trusted teachers, groups and other mediums to hone my skills resulting in good detailed one-on-one readings answering many of your tough questions or comfort by getting the clarity you are looking for. I was also fortunate enough to have an article written about me in the Reader, check it out anytime. 


Working closely with a meetup group called "The Psychic Gym" on the meetup.com site, check it out. 


After doing my first reading and seeing the impact on a friend’s father a few years ago is when I decided to do this regularly. That reading released years of guilt and allowed needed closure he desperately needed. Readings can include details from past, current and sometimes future information. I’ve included some background, including FAQ’s, and descriptions how your reading might go.


If you have questions or want to setup a time feel free to contact me.





Phone sessions are available, however we prefer face-to-face for the most accurate results. Please contact us for other questions.

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